Andrea Doven’s Great Contribution

Andrea DovenEvery individual should have his or her own contribution to the society where he or she belongs. He needs to be a productive person because once he or she is not doing something for the sake of the other people; he or she is the kind of person who is selfish. It is a person who is living by himself without thinking on the ways that will contribute to someone or something in the community.

People are born to help one another. People are born to create or make something that will be very meaningful to other’s lives. People are not here in the world to be the source of wickedness but to be the source of the opposite of that.

Andrea Doven has already contributed something to the place where she lives in. Aside from the things that she has given to the theater industry, she made a lot of things very helpful to other individuals. She became an advocate of Education, Environment, and Human Rights.

In these three aspects where she really cares about, there are many youths in the world who works instead of going to school. They have done such tasks that they do not need to experience at an early age. They need to be in school so that they will learn or acquire the lessons they need in their lives in times of working. They need education which can really change their lives. Andrea Doven had worked on this matter. She is the kind of person who is selfless. She also works on the problems in the Environment and Human Rights aside from Education. This shows that Andrea Doven has a golden heart wherein everyone should be emulated.

In her great working experiences, she is really an effective and a productive person. When she still working in the SCS, Inc. she considerably reduced the turnover percentage of the other employees and made a very competitive team, which are significant to the successful operations of the company.

Andrea Doven

When she worked as an Executive Director at Odin Productions by Tom Cruise, she provided logistical support for the actresses, actors and producers who are also part of the film productions. While she is contributing big things to the company, she is also achieving something such as coordinating with professional, legal and financial team, coordinating all logistics including travel, hiring, acquisitions, and contract negotiations. She is also responsible for locating, establishing and staffing hundreds of rental properties in the world and many more.

Therefore, if a person helps another without expecting anything in return, he or she will be blessed like what had happened to Andrea Doven. It will be more than the things that you have given.

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